Organizational Capacity

• HFG has a clear governance structure and financial systems.

• A chart of accounts and systems to support finance functions.

• An institutional structure that is driven by synergy, effective coordination, equitable power-sharing, transparency, and respectful interaction with HFG staff.

• HFG is governed by a Board of Directors.

HFG Mission

To revolutionize public health interventions, combining the core competencies of the private sector with the technical expertise of Government and development partners in order to inspire and provide opportunities for Kenyan youth to live healthy and productive lives.

HFG Vision

A generation free of HIV

HFG Values

 Accountability for programmatic results and financial stewardship.
 Transparency in decision making, relationships and communication
 Collaboration and engagement with partners
 Integrity in management of partnership activities
 Diversity in all forms is respected and encouraged
 Equity in the treatment of others
 Commitment to the aspirations of the youth
 Innovation in our program
 Results-oriented approach

Impact RDO
Red Cross
Housing Finance Foundation
UNICEF/National Youth Talent
German Institute of Professional Studies
Standard Group
ICRH Kenya
Peer Educators