G-Pange Brand

HFG employs integrated approaches in the fight against HIV amongst youth in Kenya. The organization is popularly known by the iconic G –Pange brand.

G-Pange is a Swahili word which means take control of yourself and sort yourself out. It is a lifestyle brand and a rallying call for youth to take their position in the society and achieve their potential.
G –Pange is a call to action upon youth to individually and collectively to take charge and be active in protecting their health and future by leveraging information, education, life skills, economic opportunities and resources.

The action-oriented brand anchors around five pillars on which the youth activities are built:
G-Jue: Encourages youth to know their HIV status and their partner’s.
G-Fahamishe:  Persuades youth to increase their knowledge and understanding, pursue information, and develop skills.
G-Inue: Promotes the importance of youth engaging in economic opportunities, skill development & entrepreneurial skills.
G-Amini: Underscores the importance of building self-esteem and assertiveness to overcome peer pressure, make smart choices, and the value of enhancing family and community efficacy.
G-Kinge: It is a call to action for the youth to protect themselves from infection by avoiding risky behavior and adopting safer sex practices.

HFG Mission

To revolutionize public health interventions, combining the core competencies of the private sector with technical expertise of Government and development partners in order to inspire and provide opportunities for Kenyan youth to live healthy and productive lives.

HFG Vision

A generation free of HIV

Impact RDO
Red Cross
Housing Finance Foundation
UNICEF/National Youth Talent
German Institute of Professional Studies
Standard Group
ICRH Kenya
Peer Educators